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Local Radio Gets Results For Our Advertisers!

  • Attract New Customers!

  • Get Repeat Business!

  • New Website Visitors!

  • Create Store Traffic!

  • Custom Promotions!

  • Top-of-Mind Awareness!

  • On-the-Go Consumers!

  • On-Location Remotes!

  • Target Audiences!

  • B2B solutions!

New to advertising?  

Radio works for B2B!

B2B advertisers should be regularly promoting their services to future buyers.  This doesn’t mean you need to have a regular advertising schedule for your business if you don’t service the general public, however, using local radio will help you grow awareness of your company, build trust and make you a familiar name before you're needed by other businesses! Scarborough reports that AM/FM stations reach 85% of all business decision makers weekly. More than podcasting, streaming, satellite, TV, print, etc.

Looking for digital opportunities to connect with an engaged audience that loves radio?  We have options that might work for you!  

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